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What are Cookies?

They are just small chunks of data that are stored in a user's browser.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to enable some functions in the website to perform effectively and also to maximize your experience through this site.

Cookies implemented by this site are not used by any third-party websites.

They are only used in this site to track you around the different pages.

Personal Data

In some areas of this site, we may prompt you to provide information such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Gender

Other information that we collect may include:

  • Reasons related to any form of inquiries/actions you have made.

The Personal Data we collect is only used by this website and is not shared by any other third-party websites.

So you can guarantee the Safety and Privacy of the Personal information you provide.

Usage Data

We also collect data based on how you interact with this site

They include:

  • First Visit to the site
  • Number of visits to the site
  • Pages visited in this site

This data helps us in analysing the performance of the website.

In turn, this will allow us to deliver content that is suitable for users and increase the user experience in the site.

This data is also not used by any third-party websites.

Third-party cookies

This site also implements cookies that are used by third-party websites.

Google-Analytics tags are used in this website to generate statistical data on how the user interacts with the site.

Most of these cookies last only for the user's session duration while some last longer.

These are the only cookies that are used by external websites so you can guarantee that your privacy is ensured and upheld.

Our Terms

By using this site, you are bound by this policy and you are implicitly agreeing to the use of cookies to track you through the site.

For any comments or issue regarding our policy, please do so through this email:

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Copyright Declaration

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Any use of photos, videos or files from this site is prohibited.

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